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About Our Expertise

We at Roots Trenching Ltd are excavating specialists including lead water line replacement services. We utilize a Pipe Bursting Technique which is a major cost effective method for our clients in the residential sewer and water construction industry. By utilizing this method we replace broken or cracked no-corde tar paper pipe with heavy wall ABS sanitary sewer pipe.

When pipe bursting is used there is no need for costly reinstatement repairs. Pipe Bursting is a technique used to replace pipes under sidewalks, driveways, steps, patios, trees, verandas / porches, etc, which does not disturb the surrounding ground surface there by causing minimal yard disturbance.

At Roots Trenching, we take pride in our workmanship and it shows.

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Services Offered

  • Roots Trenching Ltd replaces main sanitary sewer pipes using ABS heavy wall pipe.
  • We install exterior sanitary sewer backflow valves.
  • Renew cracked or broken no-corrde tar paper sewer pipe with plastic ABS pipes.
  • Replace broken cast iron sanitary sewer line.
  • Our exterior excavation is minimal due to the use of pipe bursting technology; little yard reinstatement is required.
  • CCTV camera pipe inspection.
  • Installation of exterior sanitary backflow valves in specific applications, slab floor, crawl space building, etc.
  • Install exterior sanitary sewer pipe cleanouts for easy access to lateral sanitary sewer pipe for future maintenance if required.
  • Under concrete floor sewer line repairs.
  • Installation of catch basins and catch basin lead pipes, repairs and new installs.
  • Domestic main installation and repairs.
  • Repair and replacement of leaking water pipes.
  • We replace and repair backed up sanitary sewer pipe due to cracks, sages, egg shaped (oval), roots, collapsed or broken sanitary sewer pipe.
  • We also repair and replace Storm sewer pipes.
  • Installation of sump pits and sump pumps.
  • Water valve installations.
  • Lead water line replacement.
  • Sewer backup.
  • Regina Sewer / Water.
  • Best prices in Regina.

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